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Ancillary Products

Further to being a stockist of hard metals, JML also stock and supply all the accessories that go with each system.


JML’s complete range of lead ancillary products display the Lead Sheet Association stamp of approval and are recommended for use by The Lead Contractor’s Association. With backing from the LSA, a 50 YEAR Warranty is provided for all Rolled Lead supplied by JML.


JML hold extensive stocks of Lead along with a supporting range of accessories such as fixing clips and strips, hall clips and stainless steel or copper Annular Ringshank Nails. Always look for the Premium Roofing Products label to ensure the best quality possible.


Geotextile underlay, or Geotec as it’s also know should also be used beneath the lead as a separation layer. JML can also supply FSC certificated wood cored roll in various sizes according to batten roll height requirement. From small 38mm roll to king roll 75mm. All of which are required to neatly and correctly construct a lead roof.


Historically, lead gutters could only be laid in runs of 2 metres maximum. JML hold stocks of lead expansion joints allowing this limitation to be exceeded meaning the drop from one end of a building to the other is severely reduced.


Once the lead installation is complete, Premium Roofing Products Flashpoint available in sand and grey colour (to match the metal or the sand cement) should be used to seal any chased brickwork and Lead Patination Oil should be used to prevent patina run off.



For Hard Metals, JML HM stock every item required from the deck up making us the only one stop shop for metal roofing tradesmen.


JML HM (Hard Metals) stock materials for every aspect of metal roofing from the deck upwards. Starting with Warmfast vapour barrier, one of, if not the best and most popular vapour barrier available on the market for metal roofing. JML can also supply the next level of build up which, for warm roofing will be some form of rigid insulation board, bonded timber insulation board, composite panel or Foamgals cellular insulation. We are the main UK distributor for Linitherm PAL OSB and Linitherm PGV Flex. PAL OSB is a highly engineered yet extremely cost effective insulation with foil faced over and underside. 22mm exterior grade OSB is firmly bonded to the top side and both the insulation and OSB are channelled so that when fitted along with warmfast vapour barrier, the metal is protected from open joints that are associated with some other insulation boards.


Linitherm PGV Flex is totally unique. It’s a flexible yet rigid insulation allowing installation of metal directly over the insulation surface whilst taking a curve. Linitherm PGV Flex is the ultimate insulation for Barrel Vault roofing when using a warm roof build up. Warmfast Vapour Barrier and Warmfast Fixings should also be used.


Metdeck is also a rigid insulation bonded to timber, but it has an 18mm plywood surface bonded to Kingspan insulation.


JML HM offer an entire system including vapour barriers and breather membranes completely tailored to your building requirements. With Puren, you’re not just buying the insulation, you are buying a tailored system and Mifaro support.


The Kingspan, Celotex and Xtratherm insulations that JML offer are all rigid boards. There are various versions for each manufacturer and we can obtain all at the best prices on the market.

Please contact us with your requirements.



Fixing/sliding clips - Yvens Decoupret, REES, Warmfast Fixings, Underlays - Tyvek Supro, VMZINC Membrane, Klober Permosec, Proctor Roofshield Vapour barriers – Warmfast Vapour Barrier Timber Batten Rolls Soldering guns – Express Soldering and Perkeo Soldering Solder sticks, Quarter bar, Tinmanns C, blow pipe solder Flux Chemicals for cleaning, Zinn 7, Decolaq

Rainwater Systems – VMZINC, Rheinzink, KME copper, Copper Snow Guards – REES S5! Seam Fixings Where possible we will always try to obtain new products.


If the item is not listed please contact our office and we will be happy to help and locate alternative products at unbeatable prices.

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